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React is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand skills in mobile development today. The FinTech and financial services industry is especially loading up on React developers to meet the high demand for front end finance apps that can replace branch visits and paper trails. And its not just the finance industry that is experiencing this trend. We are breaking massive new records each year when it comes to brand new apps and React is an indispensable tool.

The front-end user experience is one of the most vital components of consumer satisfaction and it is no wonder companies are pouring billions into it. The number of development jobs that ask for React skills is surprisingly high. Learning React really is a something you should invest in if you want access to an increasingly larger pool of high-paying tech/ FinTech jobs. Here are some of the best courses to help you do just that.

1. React Developer Nanodegree from Udacity

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This Nanodegree program has been designed to get you desk ready for development using React from day one. It is one of the most detailed and thorough training programs for React and it is chock full of projects and assignments that have been designed to provide real-world development experience in a simulated environment.

You start with React fundamentals which should be helpful if you are new to it. You will also learn about React’s component model and be able to write declarative, composable user interfaces. These would be of the same type that are used in production -ready apps in real world scenarios. You then move on to Redux. Redux should allow you to manage complicated enterprise level apps.

You will also use React Native to develop React applications that run both iOS and Android devices. There are plenty of projects along the way like building a mobile flashcard app, a virtual bookcase, a dynamic applications that reacts to use input etc.

Udacity, as always, provides a bunch of value-added services with their Nanodegrees programs to give you a career boost. Included are services like access to technical mentors, Resume/ LinkedIn profile reviews and so on. Your projects will also be reviewed by experts, which should help you take your programming quality up a few notches.


  • Time to Complete: Should take around 4 months depending on your weekly commitment and prior experience.
  • Offered fully online and on-demand.
  • This is project-based learning at its finest. In addition to real-world practical projects and excellent course content, you also get access to top-tier career resources.

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2. Full-Stack Web Development with React from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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This is another beginner friendly course that will teach you the React front-end framework, in addition to React Native. It is in fact a complete full-stack web/ hybrid mobile development specialisation that focuses on React. Which means you will know everything you need to know to get started with front-end development right away.

The first half of the course focuses on front-end web UI framework and tools. You will lean about grids, responsive design, Bootstrap CSS, CSS pre-processors. JavaScript components, basics of Node.js, task runners etc. You then move on to front-end web development with React. You will learn client-side JavaScript application development with the React library, implement single page applications in React, use React features like components and forms, Implement fully functional; front-end web applications suing React, and even use Redux to design a React-Redux app.

The second part of the course focuses on multi-platform mobile app development with React Native. You will learn to build mobile applications that may be used on multiple platforms with a single codebase and bud a fully cross-platform mobile applications using various features of React Native and Expo DSK. You will also work with Redux. The last course then focuses on server-side development with ModeJS, Express and MongoDB.

This specialisation has a lot of assignments and practical projects at the end of each course. You will actually be building full-fledged applications at the end of each course that serve as mini capstone projects. Completing all these and the final capstone will allow you to earn the Honours track that should add considerable brand value to your CV.


  • Time to Complete: Should take around 150 hours depending your prior skill level and experience. Note that a good chunk of this time would be devoted to building your own applications.
  • Offered fully online and on-demand via Coursera’s excellent eLearning platform.
  • A comprehensive front-end development package that focuses heavily on React. Good starting point for beginners.

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3. Professional Certificate in Computer Science and Mobile Apps from Harvard

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This is another beginner friendly course offered by Harvard. Its in fact based off their legendary CS50 courses that are well known across the industry. I also don’t need to tell you what having a professional certificate from Harvard will do for your Resume. This is an excellent Resume building and personal branding opportunity.

The first module focuses on the very basics of computer science. That is what makes this course perfect for absolute beginners. You will learn about programming, thinking through algorithms. Solving programming problems, concepts like abstraction, data structures, encapsulation, resource management, security and web development. You will also be made familiar with languages like Python, JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

This is when you move on to mobile app development with React Native. You will be introduced to modern JavaScript and JSX. You will complete various hands on projects with React to learn is features and components and learn about app architecture and creating user interfaces. You will also learn debugging, navigation, Redux, Expo components, performance, shipping/ testing code and other such concepts.


  • Time to Complete: Should take around 4 months depending on your weekly commitment and prior experience.
  • Offered fully online and on-demand.
  • The complete C++ learning experience chock full of real-world projects and value added services to get you desk ready.

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