Welcome to BankersByDay!

Welcome to BBD

For those of us who graduated at the peak of the last financial crisis, a finance career was an uphill battle all the way. The biggest issue was our own narrow focus and the absence of an insider’s perspective into the world of finance. 

With BankersByDay, our aim is to provide students and young professionals information about every career opportunity that finance has to offer so that they can make better informed choices and laser-focus on the roles that suits them.

Banking and finance continue to attract some of the brightest minds from campuses around the world. BankersByDay provides quality information about finance careers to inquiring minds.

Author Bio

Gaurav started his career as a Corporate and Investment Banking intern at Citi in 2009 and eventually ended up as an Associate Director at Standard Chartered Bank’s Wholesale Banking division a few years later. By 2016, Gaurav was consulting FinTech start-ups in London  with product development in the institutional banking space. He also advises mid-market Private Equity/ Asset Management firms and Banks in North America and Europe with investments in the financial services and FinTech sector.

Gaurav writes on topics ranging from European Union banking regulations and FinTech to Blockchain startups and the inevitable rise of our AI overlords! He has an Engineering degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Business Administration. He is also a Certified Financial Risk Manager.

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